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Hotel Pan Tadeusz



Restaurant "Poezja" is a place where fresh ingredients combine with traditional recipes creating generous compositions. The chef offers dishes inspired by flavour from the Polish and European cuisine.

You can taste specialities such as beef tartare, sour rye soup in bread or duck with baked apple - it is just an example of what can be found in the restaurant card.

We invite you for a real feast!

Cold appetisers

Chopped beef tenderloin tartare with arugula and wild mushrooms 49 PLN

Herring in two flavours 28 PLN

Grilled courgette rolls with sun - dried tomatoes 26 PLN


Caesar salad 38 PLN

Fruit salad with arugula and goat cheese* 34 PLN

Mix of lettuce with grilled halloumi cheese* 35 PLN

Warm appetisers

Veal dumplings with onion 35 PLN

Spinach dumplings with feta cheese* 29 PLN

Courgette pancakes with smoked salmon and sour cream 42 PLN

Shrimps 44 PLN


Seasonal soup 15 PLN

Three - meat broth with noodles 18 PLN

Sour soup with white sausage 24 PLN


Penne with chicken and broccoli 38 PLN

Tagiatelle with pesto and cherry tomatoes** 28 PLN


Crunchy baltic cod with french fries 45 PLN

Zender with steamed vegetables 45 PLN

Main dishes

Grilled chicken fillet with sun - dried tomatoes and mashed potatoes 39 PLN

Beef fillet steak on steamed red onion with cherry tomatoes 79 PLN

Roast duck served with noodles and apple with cranberry 65 PLN

Schnitzel of pork tenderloin with potato particles 42 PLN

Kids menu

Tomato soup 14 PLN

Pork tenderloin cutlets with carrot and orange salad 23 PLN

Poultry sirloin lollipops with cherry tomatoes 20 PLN

Spaghetti Bolognese 23 PLN

Ice cream dessert with fresh fruit 15 PLN


Pavlov meringue 23 PLN

Tiramisu 18 PLN

Homemade apple pie with ice - cream 18 PLN

Homemade pizza

Pizza base (cheese, tomato sauce) 28 PLN

Meat ingredients (4 PLN/each):
- chicken
- ham
- salami
- bacon

Vegetable ingredients (3 PLN/each):
- cherry tomatoes
- tomatores
- onion
- sweet pepper/spicy
- olives
- mushrooms
- basil
- arugula
- pineapple